Forced to Choose: Graduate or Build Career?

Students struggle with the conflicting schedules between school and VOC

Students are feeling forced to choose between meeting high school graduation requirements and learning new skills to use later in life or career.


In today’s world, vocational training, or career and technical schools are on the rise. In this type of education, students can learn skills to prepare them to work in a particular field after high school.


All of the programs offered at Westbrook Regional Vocational Center lead to a certification upon successful completion of the course. Many vocational graduates have gone straight into the workforce, making good money, rather than attending college. At WRVC, students can get certain classes waived for dual enrollment for some community colleges as well, ultimately lowering college costs. On top of that, students can discover their skills and hobbies.


Although there are many benefits to career and technical training, students have expressed concerns about high school class schedules conflicting with vocational class schedules. 


Tech 1 classes take up the first two blocks every day and Tech 2 classes are during the third period every day. There have also been issues of not being aware of whether a vocational class would be scheduled as a Tech 1 or Tech 2. 


To keep students organized, students should know ahead of time what blocks and times the classes they’re signing up for should be taking place. This is important when attempting to balance school schedules. 


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