No Student Council

Due to short numbers, Westbrook High School won’t have a student board

WESTBROOK: Due to this year’s declining number of sign-ups, Westbrook High School decided not to have a student council. On November 21, John Morgan, advisor of the Student Council, sent an email to the students that had signed up with the news that they had to postpone the elections earlier that month because of the lack of sign-ups within the Westbrook High School student body. 


With that, Morgan also resigned from being the advisor of the Student Council board. Heidi Huynh, a student at Westbrook High School, said that she was excited for the student board to start up again in the new school year, but eventually overheard that it may not even happen. 


Huynh then asked other students to join, but the others did not show the same interest as she did. She is also on the class board for the class of 2021 and was thrilled to be on the student council. 


“I guess it is what it is sometimes, some kids didn’t even know we had elections coming up for student council and didn’t bother to read the emails,” Huynh said. 


Another student at Westbrook High School, Mahamed Sharif, also showed interest in joining the Westbrook High School student council and even ran this year for another spot, but heard the news that it would not be able to start up this year. 


“I was on it last year and loved it but now that it is my senior year, I was still hoping that it would still be a thing. I still say I’m on it, even though it’s no longer up and running.”