The Scoop on Disney+

Is The $7 Monthly App Really Worth It?

The Scoop on Disney+

Disney Plus is a new tv network that was launched by Disney on
Nov.12. It has a monthly fee of $6.99, $70 for a full year. That is cheaper
than Netflix which is $9 per month. Disney wanted to establish its own
branded streaming service that would feature its content.

Disney complied with the original shows along with other production
studios ​Pixar, Marvel, StarWars, and National Geographic which is what
the plus represents in the name Disney(+) Plus. So far Disney plus has been
doing great it has over 10 million people signed up but the company has

found that many are either deleting the app or canceling their membership
after the one week trial. Many people end up using a friend’s login just to
enjoy everything Disney Plus has to offer.

There was a glitch in the app which Disney has apologized for. The
inconvenience made many people skeptical of the app. Reviews are mostly
50/50 so we will see if the app is just as successful as Netflix come 2020.