Does Westbrook “Got” Talent?

Westbrook High School’s annual talent show took place last week and it was one to talk about.


WESTBROOK- The 30th annual talent show for Westbrook High School took place Thursday at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center.


The show, produced by the school’s Sock ‘n Buskin’ drama club, had been more anticipated by viewers this year. Rick Solomon, the club’s advisor promoted the show well, from hanging vibrant posters around the school to telling all of his students all about it. This year the club decided to open the show up to all Westbrook community members which had really added some great talents to the stage.


According to Solomon, “there are definitely some seriously talented performers in the show. It’s always a very exciting event!” The show had some great variety to it as well with singers, dancers, and musicians. All performing differently from the last which kept everything thrilling.


Kaylee Bradley, an audience member and student, said “the show was honestly so much more entertaining and exciting than I had originally thought. Great job to the drama club.” 


The winning performance for the grand prize of $500 was Chris Irakoze and Sebri Ahmed with their exciting hip hop dance routine. 


Other performers were Lily Wilkinson-Reed, Micheal Young , Tanasia Turner-Guess, Lucas Benedict, Ellie Backman and Hillary Carroll, 

Danielle Bourgeois, Rachel Richards, Tyler MacDonald, Francine Ntumba, Sydney Fickett and Lucas Carrier, Nicole McFarland, Eden Wood, and Pethuel Mutalenu.