Airpod Pro Reveiw

Airpod Pro Reveiw

The airpod pro’s are the new biggest obsession. The air-pods are a bluetooth earbud released by Apple. There starting price is $250 dollars, which is a $100 more than the original airpods. Is it worth the upgrade?

The airpod pros have noise cancellation. It blocks outside noise so you can focus on just what you are listening to. Lydia Drew, from Gorham says, “The noise cancellation works perfectly when I am sitting in a loud room and it blocks out all the noise.” 

They are also water resistant! They are the safer option if you spend your time outdoors. 

The airpod pros are designed to be more comfortable. They are smaller than the original airpods. They have customs tips where you can switch out the rubber to fit your ear better. Dante Lingley says, “They are much more comfortable than the regular airpods. They fit in my ears better and don’t fall out when I run.”


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