Not-So-Open Campus

The change in Westbrook High Schools open campus policy has had quite an impact on students.


WESTBROOK- From the beginning of the 2019 school year the students of Westbrook High School have had to go through many changes, adjusting to a new grading system, the leadership of co-principles etc. But what has most recently come to my attention the most are the alterations to the schools open campus policy. 


This year the policy has been changed to only allow late arrival or early dismissal, but what about those second or third period study halls? Students don’t arrange their schedules and when you’re forced to sit through a study hall while others can leave early or arrive later it can be quite frustrating.


The study hall classes in general can be hard to deal with. Many students aren’t even able to get anything done when forced to stay in a room with students that have no desire to study. They’re not able to concentrate or do work and so you’re just sitting there, letting your mind go back to the hazy mess it was that morning before your school day had begun. 


Many students get tempted to leave whether or not they’re able to anyways because they need that time to refresh. If  students could leave and get fresh air it would keep their minds stimulated. Going into those after study hall periods would be much less dreadful and many students would be much more willing to. 


The schools policy on study halls should allow students who have proven to be responsible enough within their classes and with their attendance to be able to leave during those periods whether they be first, second, third, or fourth period.


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