The Daily Grind

A local coffee shop to help the Westbrook community get through their day.

The Daily Grind

WESTBROOK – The Daily Grind is located right off of Main Street and across from the TD Bank in Westbrook. Their hours are typically 7 am – 5 pm and they’re closed on Sundays. The Daily Grind is a walk-in and drive-through place. The walk-in area is known as the “Coffee House.”


On February 14 – Valentine’s day, The Daily Grind is hosting a Valentine’s Day Pop Up event. They will be serving their Valentine’s day sugar cookies and cupcakes. This event will be going on during the usual business hours from 7 am-5 pm.  The Daily Grind this week is also having sweatshirt orders that are $35-$45 from sizes S and XXXL. This will be going on until Friday.


Their menu consists of different types of coffees, espresso infused drinks, cold beverages, teas, and the blaze! For food, they have muffins, biscottis, and bagels. 


“The Blaze drink is my favorite! I like to get the strawberry-watermelon one for when I’m tired,” says Chuil Bayak, a frequent visitor to The Daily Grind. The Blaze is an energy drink that has Red Bull and syrup flavoring of your choice. 


Tracey Otis, another WHS student, has nothing but good reviews on the little cute coffee shop, “The Daily Grind is usually where I love to go, it’s very convenient because it’s so close. My usual is the Orange Coconut Blaze and a muffin. It’s probably one of my favorite places to go in the mornings.” 



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