How is Westbrook High School adjusting to three co-principals?

Westbrook High School went from one to three principals in a span of 11 months

How is Westbrook High School adjusting to three co-principals?

WESTBROOK – Recently, Westbrook High School employed a new co-principal model. Instead of one head principal, the school is equipped with three co-principals. Last year, the school saw a setback when former head principal Mrs. Devaux got a new job, stepping down from her position. Subsequently, two new principals, Mr. Guerette and Ms. Harvey, assumed her role, and Mr. Colgan joined them at the beginning of this school year. 


Colgan said that having three co-principals is he enjoys working with Harvey and Guerette. He said things work smoothly with all of them having different personalities, but he’s still learning through the process.


With this change, Westbrook students have their opinions pertaining to whether they like or dislike the new model. 


Dante, a senior, said he likes the change, adding that he became used to change, so it didn’t bother him like it could for others. 


Chadda Chhoeun, a junior at WHS, says she loves having three co-principals, and that there is always someone around to talk with when the other ones are busy or not there. 


Maren, junior, states that it’s more relaxed compared to just the one principal; she believes this because they are assigned to different ages and grades, so they can focus and develop closer relationships with students.

 Overall they seem to have it all under control and love the way things are.

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