Mixed Reviews for Halftime Show

Opinions about Shakira’s and Jennifer Lopez’s controversial performance vary among WHS students and staff


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WESTBROOK- Pop stars Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed the halftime show during Super Bowl LIV last Sunday, and reactions to the controversial show are mixed among Westbrook High School’s students and staff.


“It is amazing to see women at this age go up on stage and perform and dance like that,” WHS librarian Ms. Anderson said. “There was a lot of pizzazz and dancing. I loved that!” Mr. Whitehead, a math teacher at the school, mentioned, “I thought the dancing was great, it is amazing that both these women are over age 40 and they are up there entertaining millions of people.”


Many Westbrook high school students also enjoyed this performance because they thought it was spectacular and amazing, and they liked that it brought together a lot of different nationalities and different cultures. 


Shakira is Columbian. She is very popular not just here in the US, but even around the world for her songs. During the halftime performance, Bad Bunny and J Balvin, two Latin artists, came on stage as well and sang in Spanish.


Not everyone was as praiseworthy about the performance, though.


“I thought it was too provocative and too much for national television and also children watching I think they could have toned it down a notch. Other than that, they did a great job,” a student who asked to remain anonymous to avoid possible backlash among classmates. Senior Kaitlyn Talbot echoed that sentiment: “It was an amazing performance, but it was not appropriate for families that have children watching,”


According to Adweek, around 102 million people watched the Super Bowl, and there has been a lot of controversies and negative feedback towards the NFL (National football league) for the halftime show. Some people claimed that J-lo and Shikeras halftime performance was too provocative.

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