Is Ace Important?

Westbrook high schools students make their opinions on ACE

 In school we have a one hour period of homeroom where we can do school work and see teachers for help. At Westbrook, it is in the middle of the day from 10:25am to 11:25am. Some students believe this is an advantage because it is an hour where they can get additional help from where they need. 

    Chadda Chhoeun says, “I use ACE everyday to catch up on my school work so I do not have to at home. I do not have any studyhalls, so ACE is the only free time I get. I usually get tagged to different teachers so I can get more help.” She is someone who takes advantage of this hour to get her work done so she doesn’t do more homework at home. 

       Areeya Bouhavanh says, “I think ACE is very important. I know I have a harder time staying motivated at home to do my school work at home. I feel like other students also have a harder time doing work out of school, so this is a perfect time to do it.”

     Other students believe it is an extra hour that they could be doing something else. Chuil Bayak says, “Usually in ACE, I am sleeping or watching a movie. I wish ACE was at the beginning  of the day so the students who have nothing to do can get an extra hour of sleep. Since I already have a study hall, I don’t need ACE.” 

Max Dobkowski says, “Sometimes I use ACE and sometimes I don’t. When I have extra work I’ll do it then, but usually I am all caught up. I mostly use ACE as a break to watch a movie or talk to friends.”

Overall, more students take advantage of ACE rather than waste it. ACE is a great time to do your missing school work, homework, and to check in with your teachers. Students are more motivated at school to do their school work then when they are at home. At home, there are many other temptations and distractions. ACE is a quiet, one hour period where you can get your work done.  

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