Was the Winter Formal Dance Worthwhile?

Students at Westbrook High School not aware of upcoming dance

Was the Winter Formal Dance Worthwhile?

Westbrook High School’s Winter Formal was hosted on February 1, 2020 and wasn’t all that exciting compared to the schools past dances. Students had very little notice about preparing for it, and very little information. This past October, Westbrook hosted its annual Homecoming dance – with nearly 150 people attending while the Winter Formal dance varied around less than 100 people.


Students at the high school say they didn’t even know dance was happening, and that people didn’t have enough time to prepare for it. Students at the high school who weren’t aware could’ve known about the Winter Formal dance if they checked their emails or looked at the flyers around the school – but they also say how they just couldn’t go due to the late notice of the dance happening. Luckily, more students around the school specifically seniors, seem excited for Spring Fling and Prom to happen since it’s going to be their last high school dances. 


Hopefully the next school dance has more people attending and they give the students at the school more notice that it is happening. 

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