Winter Carnival Festivities

Westbrook High School holds a winter carnival activity day for students and staff.

WESTBROOK – On the final day of school before February break, Westbrook High School students got time to relax and have fun together through participation in the Winter Carnival before going their separate ways for the next week.


The WHS staff decided to put together an afternoon filled with games, movies, and more. Patrick Colgan, one of the school’s co-principals, said, “The purpose of Winter Carnival was to provide students with some fun activities so we could get away from the daily academic grind and work on our culture and community. We need to have positive experiences together so that students and staff can bond and build relationships.”


Students were able to participate in activities such as board games, volleyball, and even ice skating. Many students enjoyed the time that they had gotten to spend with their classmates to just hang out and have fun. 


Carolyn Dibiase, a junior at Westbrook High School, outlined her prior feelings about the festival and her overall pleasant experience.


 “At first, I wasn’t sure about the activities we’d be doing but sitting around and getting to relax with my friends while watching a movie had been a great way to head into break.”


This seemed to be the theme of the day because, according to Colgan, many students seemed to have a great time. 


 “The students I observed seemed to enjoy the activities. There was a lot of laughter in the building, which is great.”


Although WHS hadn’t done an event like this during that time in the school year, there had been a good response from students about it. The staff in charge and many others hope to make it an annual activity to build on each year in hopes to make each one better than the last.

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