Put Some Respect on The Name:Black History Edition

Anguish in black history month being given shortest month and for support from non black identifying people

Crazy how millions of people can undergo being ripped from their homes only to be institutionalized by racism and slavery for YEARS. Yet their history and culture is supposed to be recognized only during the shortest month of the year? Thanks America.


If only former President Geruald Ford was aware when establishing February as Black History Month, the lack of proper acknowledgment it would ultimately obtain. Alongside the frustration that once again, black people are being marginalized into a category only this time it’s a month. The shortest one. 


The frustration with Black History Month not only getting the shortest month is the lack of support the black community often can feel from “allies”–non black identifying people when a time of support is most needed and it’s nowhere to be found. Most significantly during the Black Lives Matter.


At the 51st annual NAACP Image Awards, when receiving the President’s Award for her dedication towards the advancement of education for children in low income countries through her Clara Lionel Foundation and overall humanitarian contributions, Rihanna attested to this issue. In her speech, she invites that the majority black crowd makes sure that their non black identifying colleagues and friends are their supporting black issues and “Pull Up”, sparking an overall standing ovation.


Westbrook High School is considered one of the few diverse schools in Southern Maine. Although it is a predominantly white state, there is still a lot of culture here from different people from different countries and backgrounds. After a few interviews with some Westbrook High School students we became more and more aware that the majority of  students of color were not happy. “ I feel like it’s not really celebrated or acknowledged at school” said one student “I feel weird” said another. I think the administration should realize the importance of this month and should recognize that within the school. 


Students share that they don’t like to embrace their culture at school because of the sole purpose of not wanting to be judged or being looked at as” too woke” said another student.. There should be  more in depth talks about the history and purpose of the remembrance of this month as it plays a huge role in the black community.