Reaction to MPA Pausing Unified Championships

Students react to the Unified Basketball program’s recent withdrawal from the annual championship playoffs

Reaction to MPA Pausing Unified Championships

WESTBROOK – Since the Unified team recently started their season, changes have been made that players must adjust to. Recently, the Maine Principals Association (MPA) made the decision to put the championship playoffs on hold for a couple of years because of its ‘overemphasis’ on competitiveness. 


Instead of championship playoffs at the end of the Unified season, there will be an all-day festival where all Unified teams are invited.


The Unified basketball teams are facing a difficult change, especially on the hard-working athletes who have made it to the championships for the past two years.


“Everyone’s been excited every year to compete for a championship. I think getting that taken away is not fair to all the unified basketball teams” says Matt Ricks, a senior player on the Unified team who has played for this team since his freshman year.                  


Keegan McLoy, a sophomore player of the unified team, also voiced his feelings of the change. 


“When I first heard about it from my teacher, I started bawling my eyes out because I wanted to win so bad this year…Learning I could make it to the playoffs and championships, it meant a lot to me…For me personally, it hurts really bad because I feel left out and I feel like there has to be a change..All I want is the playoffs and championships back.”

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