Student Apathy

Westbrook High School students and staff experience student apathy as February break comes to an end.

Student Apathy

WESTBROOK – As February break came to an end, Westbrook High School students found it especially hard to get up and return to school. The stretch from February break to April break is known to be the most difficult. Students’ attendance and motivation as a whole begins to drop, and they call it senioritis. 


Some effects of senioritis include lack of interest in appearance, school work, and attendance. 


Mrs. Crouse, the attendance secretary, agrees that senioritis is a real thing and it is around this time of the year that it starts to really affect students. 


“More students are missing in action throughout the day,” she said. 


Sabri Lomomi, junior, discussed how the seniors’ impending graduation affects him, as well as the importance of maintaining good grades despite the season of senioritis. 


“I am so ready for summer but I am also sad because I will miss the seniors. I am an athlete so it is still important to me to keep on top of my grades and attendance.”


Dante Lingely, who will be graduating this June, highlighted his excitement for college life.


 “I cannot wait to graduate and begin my college journey. It is harder to wake up in the morning and even though I am still on time in the morning, I am still getting to school later than normal.” 


As junior Chadda Chhoeun adds, “School is just so much more tiring. I’m just really ready for summer.” 


Some tips for overcoming senioritis include remembering that there is only three and a half months of school left and that grades still matter.

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