Disney- Pixer movie Onword features first openly LBGTQ character

March 6th Disney animated movie Onword will be released and will feature a openly gay police officer

Disney- Pixer movie Onword features first openly LBGTQ character

Allyson LaPierre

Disney has been making movies, shows, rides, and entertainment for all ages for years on end. Since making films since the 1920s, Disney Pixar has received a heightened amount of attention for its upcoming movie Onward. In this film, it will feature Disney Pixar’s first openly LBGTQ character, something that has been long overdue.


 Lena Waithe voices a Police officer named Officer Specter, Disney Pixar’s first openly self-identified lesbian. Director Dan Scanlon said about this topic, “It’s a modern fantasy world, and we want to represent the modern world.”


In the film, the police officer pulls over another character and states, “My wife’s daughter is making her pull her hair out!” This is the only scene that indicates this, that we know of before the movie is released. 


Many people are excited for Disney to be open finally and have timely messages to their movies but are also frustrated about the appearance, and how Disney is portraying this scene. Viewers believe that Disney isn’t representing an accurate representation of the LGBTQ community, just an idea of it that not many people may even catch onto in this 60-second scene. 


There is also backlash because this character isn’t adorable, it’s ugly. Yes, all the characters are elves or magical creatures, but mostly all the characters have some human characteristics. The issue people are finding is that the openly gay police officer in the movie almost has no human features and is just plain funny looking. 


Disney has gotten hate in the past for their productions with similar issues, one of the biggest ones being Princess and the frog. This was Disney’s first black Princess. Instead of her being royalty the whole movie, like all the other Disney princesses, she was turned into a frog for half the movie. 


The scene is not final and could always be cut if there is too much controversy, we won’t know until the last release date, which is next Friday. This movie features the voices of Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Octavia Spencer.