Maine: The Way Life Should Be

Maine: The Way Life Should Be

When I hear the word “Maine”, I think of trees, peace, and community. Maine is a fairly small state so it is not a surprise that everyone seems to know everyone. Adding to that, most people seem to help out one another.


If there was something I could change about Maine, it would be the stereotype around being a “Mainer”. People assume everybody from Maine is a lobster catching, flannel-wearing, moose hunter who lives in the middle of the woods which is not accurate.


Being a Mainer means being involved in your community as a respectful and inclusive person. Maine is ranked 7th as the most peaceful state in the United States and I think that speaks for itself when explaining how residents interact with their communities and businesses around.


One amazing thing about Maine is the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens where you can see a spectacular array of plants and nature. It is quite the experience. Especially in the winter when they display the Gardens Aglow which is where they transform the garden into a huge, festive lights display.


But the best part about Maine is the transition into the fall season. The change of the leaves is beautiful to witness first hand. Also, it is never too cold or too hot during the fall and the air smells of pumpkins, pine, and crisp leaves.

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