New virus pops up and instantly becomes the new talk


WESTBROOK – The new talk nationally happens to be a new virus that first began in December of 2019. Coronavirus, said to be a disease in mammals and birds and recently, has found its way into humans. The Coronavirus targets your respiratory system and also shares alike to symptoms of a common cold. 


Students at Westbrook High, starting to become more panicked over this information, have been reading into the virus. Students have also been seeing a demand in facemasks and hand-sanitizer. 

Dante Lingley said, “I heard the Corona has entered in New York this week and I’m beginning to get nervous because I have to go down there to compete in nationals.” 


Dante has been hearing about this virus on the news and media and hopes that he doesn’t come in contact with it when he’s competing in the New Balance Indoor Track Nationals this weekend. 


Mahamed Sharif is another student at Westbrook High School competing in the Indoor track Nationals this weekend. 


“I heard a lot about the coronavirus hitting everywhere, and it just so happens to be there in New York when I’m about to head there. I hope no one whis traveling with gets it, or me either. The virus seems very scary and I’m scared because there’s no treatment for it once you’ve contracted it.”


So far, the virus has killed over 3,000 people around the world. Though, many people have said that the Coronavirus is blown out of proportion and overdramatized, speaking out through the media and creating false statements. The media is, too, causing more panic and more racism towards the Asian culture. Since there isn’t much information about the virus, some were, for instance, quick to believe that the virus was made by China with their famous dish called “Bat Soup,” targeting a specific group when they were unsure about the research behind the claim. 


Though people are trying to stay as protected as possible, a test for Coronavirus in the United States varies around $3,000, depending on your medicare and insurance. Once you have contracted the virus, you must stay in quarantine for fourteen days. 

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