What’s The Tea: Who’s Really the Better Water Bottle?

Argument on how HydraPeak is the better water bottle

Insulated water bottles seem to be the new “IT” thing of today’s teens, creating trends like “vsco girls” based on whether you have a Hydro Flask and scrunchies on your arm. The real question is, what makes the multi-talented brand of “Hydro Flask” better than the rest? 


We can recognize that yes, its double-wall insulation protects your drinks with up to 24 hours of icy cold and hot stays for up to 6 hours, but if I tell you there’s something better? Hydrapeak. 


HydraPeak is like the brother that Hydro Flask never thought he had or wanted. The brand HydraPeak can be recognized for having the same products as its competitor HydroPeak and providing its customers with water bottles that withstand 24 hours of cold and 12 hours of hot. Double the time that Hydroflask can provide. 


The product is also way more affordable for customers while serving a larger quantity. Why would you want to purchase a 32oz wide mouth water bottle from Hydroflask for $44.95 instead of a 40z wide mouth water bottle that’s only $29.95 from HydraPeak? Can’t forget it could keep your drinks warmer, and you could get a more substantial quantity all for less. Yes, Hydroflask is a treading brand which is why teens would be 


Next time you’re trying to purchase your next water bottle, make sure to choose wisely.

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