2019-2020 Staff

Lauren Musk

News and Activities Editor

Lauren Musk is a junior at Westbrook High School and the editor of the news and activities sections at The Torch. A self-proclaimed geek at heart, she has a love for reading, entertainment, and writing. With an objective to u...

Maha Ahmed

Culture Editor

Maha Ahmed is a senior at Westbrook high school and also the editor of the Culture section of our blog.

Gracia Bareti

Opinions Editor

Gracia Bareti is a senior at Westbrook High School and the editor for the opinion section, better known as “Whats The Tea”. When she’s not spilling the deets on what’s going on around the school, you can find her in the...

Danielle Bourgeois

Digital Editor

Digital editor of the site, also the manager of the blog. Danielle is a Senior this year. She works on maintaining the site aesthetically and putting the stories up every Wednesday. She also updates the daily blog with all its...

Bev Mangal

Staff Writer

Bev is a junior journalist for  “The Torch” with a passion for culture/opinion.  She loves co-writing the “What the tea” column with Gracia. Along with her passion for writing, she enjoys different clubs at school inclu...

Allyson LaPierre

Staff Writer

Ally Lapierre is a senior this year at Westbrook High School. She is looking forward to being a staff writer this year for Westbrooks's high school newspaper “The Torch.”  Next year Ally is planning to go to college and m...

Maren Harnois

Staff Writer

Maren Harnois is a journalist on The Torch. She is a junior and 16 years old. Maren spends her free time hanging out with her friends and her niece Ophelia. Maren joined the torch in hopes of having a place to voice her opinion on...

Areeya Bouphavanh

Staff Writer

Areeya Bouphavanh, a junior, works as a staff writer on our news team. She enjoys many things in life such as writing, from short stories to even sometimes poetry. As well as art, whether it be a few drawings here and there o...

Amina Al Sadoun

Staff Writer

Mina Al Sadoun, senior, is a staff writer for “The Torch”. She is also the captain of the varsity cheer team. In her free time, Mina enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends. After high school, Mina hopes to atte...